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Zhongshan fishing boats return to Hongkong for celebration

2018/10/30 16:41
Zhongshan made 30% of the fishing boats that took part in the celebration of Hong Kong's return to the motherland this year and sent off the Liaoning carrier fleet. On August 6, Wu Zhixing, owner of t

Zhongshan made 30% of the fishing boats that took part in the celebration of Hong Kong's return to the motherland this year and sent off the Liaoning carrier fleet. On August 6, Wu Zhixing, owner of the Yongfeng fishing boat, waiting for painting and maintenance at Zhongshan Honghong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. dock in Shenwan Town, told reporters happily that more than 100 fishing boats participated in the cruise on the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's reunification this year, of which 41 were built by Zhongshan Honghong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Production. Two of the 6 fishing boats that sent off the Liaoning aircraft carrier formation were two of them.


Zhongshan fishing boats are beautiful and advanced.


Yongfeng and Hua Jun are two fishing vessels who have participated in Hongkong's Regal tour this year. On Aug. 6, they stopped at Honghong's wharf to wait for paint maintenance. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the dark green hull was high and the white pilot building was particularly dazzling. The reporter climbed up the iron ladder to the Yongfeng and entered the air-conditioned cab building. A cool breeze came to him. The floor was covered with luxury boards. There are two rooms on both sides, as well as an independent bathroom, which is as comfortable as a luxury yacht.


The cab of the fishing boat is even more surprising, all equipped with modern high-tech: maritime telephone, navigation, satellite television, fish detector, all-weather WIFI, etc. Wu Zhixing, the owner of the ship, told reporters that the ship is 44.8 meters long and has a tonnage of 380 tons. It is equipped with advanced equipment and equipment such as seawater desalination and automatic ice making.


The ship was ordered in July last year by Zhongshan Honghong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. at a price of over 17 million Hong Kong dollars. It was delivered in May this year. In July, one of the most advanced and beautiful fishing boats participated in a series of activities to celebrate the return of Hong Kong. Wu Zhixing said.


Hong Kong people are particularly interested in this advanced fishing boat. Over the past few years, we have made more than 100 boats for them. Many of the fishing boats in Hong Kong are made by our company. Huang Canhe, manager of Zhongshan Honghong shipbuilding and Repairing Co., Ltd.


Return to celebrate the Zhongshan fishing boat is the main force.


During this year's Hong Kong Return Celebration cruise, our Hong Kong Bottom Trawler Association organized more than 120 fishing boats, of which 41 were produced by Zhongshan Honghong Ship Repair Co., Ltd. with uniform appearance, uniform slogans and very spectacular. Wu Zhixing, the ship owner, took out his cell phone and showed it to reporters. He told reporters that during the celebration of the return to China, Zhongshan made a large number of fishing boats, and he himself was elected Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong Bottom Trawler Association because he owned six such boats.


Wu Zhixing recalled that the day before his return, his family were so excited that they didn't sleep a wink all night, hung red flowers on the bow of the boat, and hung wind chimes and other ornaments with Chinese traditional characteristics. The next day, in the parade, his Yongfeng fishing boat was placed at No. 2, and the country's leaders were clearly visible.


On the morning of July 11, the Liaoning carrier fleet was leaving port. We also organized six fishing boats to send off under the Qingma Bridge. Every fishing boat has written the words "Warmly welcome Liaoning carrier formation to Hong Kong again" and so on, that scene is really exciting! As the two time to be selected to participate in the activities of the Yongfeng ship owner, Wu Zhixing's happiness is beyond words.

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