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Zhongshan Xixi Entertainment Co., Ltd. is located in the first street of Lan Gui Fang Bar, Zhongshan West District, with a total assets of 5 million yuan, more than 120 employees, more than 30 newly decorated boxes, 12 cards, more than 60 cassettes, first-class audio equipment, and a free parking lot outside the door for your friends to provide convenience and convenience. Quality service. Since its inception, the bar has immediately become a beautiful scenery line in Zhongshan City, providing a leisure, entertainment and friendship platform for new and fashionable people, especially business people. There are youthful and sexy figures, enchanting wines, and Misic Video from Europe and the United States, the latest, the most Cool, the most Hit, to make your blood flow and dance. In such a comfortable and exciting environment, make friends and make dreams come true. Come and join us, rush out of the yoke, find a real you!